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We Are Micropreneurs

Total Sprinkler & Lighting is structured to be a small business which allows us to focus earnestly on work that we love to do while providing a balanced lifestyle for our team. Micropreneurs value quality and hold their work to high standards. It means when we meet with you about your project we're genuinely interested in you.

And it makes us truly local. Every aspect of the business is done in-house, from lighting design to sprinkler installation, web design to weekly payroll. It all gets done by our team. We use small business vendors from our Central Florida community and base nearly every decision on what we can do for the environment and for our neighbors.

Our success is due not only to the quality of our work but also our attitude and the way we treat our clients.

The Team


Ron Zadwarny

Licensed Irrigation Contractor

Ron is a founding partner of Total Sprinkler and Lighting. He is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich junkie and obsessively passionate about canines. He is also a State Licensed Irrigation Contractor and a Landscape Lighting Specialist. Ron's career has included a decade-long role managing 400+ commercial irrigation accounts as well as the successful design and installation of State of the Art two-wire irrigation systems.

Ron-Jessica25 - Copy

Jessica Davis-Zadwarny

Landscape Lighting Designer

Jessica is a founding partner of Total Sprinkler and Lighting. She is a life long tree-hugger, thinks cows are just really big dogs, and is convinced she can build a house from the ground up. She is a Certified Landscape Lighting Designer and Installer. Her eye for design earned Total Sprinkler and Lighting it's first industry recognized lighting award in 2020, building on her 10+ years in the landscape and outdoor space.



Client Engagement Specialist

Kono is a perpetual puppy, even at 5. By far her favorite thing in the world is a laser pointer and 10 minutes of your time, but she'll take games of fetch in the pool as a close second. Her dislikes include large birds and raccoons because she is afraid of both. She has a best friend named Ocean, a stray cat she adopted as a kitten. She does not understand personal space.

giving back

We're Not Just Talk

Part of what we love about having a micropreneurial business is the opportunity it presents for real action.

It is our ultimate goal to provide local grass-roots organizations with the support they need through donations of time and funds so that they may continue the essential work of reducing pollution and protecting climate, food, land, water, and wildlife.

Click here to view a list of our non-profit partners. 

8 Ways Total Sprinkler & Lighting is Helping the Environment

1. Every item that has the opportunity to be recycled is done so in the proper manner. Those items that cannot be recycled or cannot be produced from a sustainable source are avoided or excluded.
2. Plastic is prohibited except where unavoidable. In areas where it must be used, as in irrigation systems, spent plastic is recycled.
3. Water conserving irrigation products, such as low-flow nozzles and rain sensors, are used on all irrigation systems unless otherwise requested.
4. Company vehicles are eco-rated and maintained properly to reduce pollution.
5. Florida-Friendly Landscaping (FFL) and Right Plant, Right Place initiatives are followed on all projects. Preference is given to plants which are beneficial to pollinators or act as food or habitat resources for wildlife.
6. All worksites are swept twice. No trash or litter is left behind. Ever.
7. Our team contributes their time and energy to local organizations who need support and assistance with projects throughout the community.
8. We proudly contribute one percent of our annual revenues in support of environmental organizations making proven changes in the areas of water quality, wildlife rehabilitation, and conservation. You can read more about our efforts here.