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The title of this blog post shares it’s name with the front cover essay title of a tool catalog by Gränsfors Bruk AB of Sweden. They make axes. In the world of alpine and climbing sports they’re a well known name because of the durability of the equipment that they make. Equipment that a climber’s life depends on. The essay on this catalog jacket described their fundamental purpose in making equipment that was dependable, durable, and of high-quality. It was punctuated by their responsibility, as a company, to limit waste. That is, if you produce something that outlasts the climber whose using it then you destroy less.

This is good for the owner (the user) and good for the greater whole. | Gränsfors Bruk AB

Although it may not seem obvious at first, Total Sprinkler and Lighting shares parallels with Gränsfors Bruk AB. Our goal is not to oversell you on products that you don’t need. We realize this is counter-intuitive to a for-profit business and we’re okay with that. Our first responsibility is to the sound design, durability, and simplicity of the system we are addressing for the greater purpose of producing less waste in the environment (and your local landfill). That’s how we get to be your neighbor – because we care about the plastic and metal and cardboard that ends up at the dump. And we care to be proactive in limiting that.

Naturally, this is great for the client. While in this larger picture the client may seem to take a backseat to our commitment to the environment, what actually persists is a mutual respect. As we attempt to reduce the burden on the environment in which we live, we pay respect to our clients – the users of the product – who become the recipients of quality materials and honest service.

Growth and expansion are values not basic to this corporation. | Jerry Mander

Jerry Mander, of Chournaird Equipment and the clothing company Patagonia, wrote this in his Value Statement for the firm. The employees of Total Sprinkler & Lighting are Floridians that spend weekends on the beach or hiking pine forests, weekdays checking food plants for growth and the perfect vine-ripe tomato, and time in between that working. Individually, we realize that we enjoy the outdoors too much to give it’s health and vitality a blind eye. Collectively, we recognize that though profit is necessary and expected, our corporation is not run giving it’s achievement primacy.

The transparency of these values is important to us. We want you to know that the photos in our project gallery were taken while actually standing at the job site, they are not pulled from a supplier’s catalog. The feedback from clients on Google is written by real customers, not by us to boost our rating or by friends under a fake name. The website is designed by us. The blog posts are written by us. And we pick up the phone when you call.

Do the best you can until you know better. When you know better, do better. | Unknown

It is an unfortunate truth that the world has become saturated with words like ‘eco-friendly,’ ‘sustainable,’ and some version of ‘conservation.’ These are important words with real weight regarding real issues that face each person every day. At all levels of corporate activity, regarding both internal and external operations, we strive to recognize their importance. Ultimately, we hope to never stop improving – both for you, the client, and for the planet in which you live.

Landscape design where care was given to drought tolerance, seasonal advantages, bird habitat, and soil composition.

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