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Landscape Lighting Installation

Request: Design and install simple low voltage landscape lighting on residential rental property exterior.

Project details: Focused on bringing attention to palm trees and other landscaping in front yard and backyard. Installation illuminates tall Palm trees and low Robellini Palms to provide a balance of light across the landscape adding security and beauty to the home's exterior. Fixtures used include Unique Lighting brass uplights and flood lights.

Landscape Lighting Demo

Request: Design and provide demo of low voltage landscape lighting on residential home exterior.

Project details: Set up landscape lighting demo for residential client. Focused on highlighting stonework on home exterior and mature Oak trees throughout front landscape. Met homeowner on site to set up demo and moved/added lights as needed to accomplish design that worked for budget, security, and aesthetics.

Landscape Lighting Dock Installation

Request: Design and install lighting to deck surface and face.

Project details: Installed low-voltage fixtures to tie into existing landscape lighting system. This included (28) fixtures hidden under rim of top and bottom deck faces (facing lake) and stairs to provide light across seawall. Also included installation of well lights to shine across deck surface on top tier and (2) underwater lights at base of stairs leading into water.

Sprinkler Zone Installation

Request: Install new irrigation zones to provide adequate water coverage to newly installed sod and other areas of yard.

Project details: Installed two new irrigation zones including zone lines and sprinklers. Tied into existing irrigation system and valves. Back-filled pipe trenches, smoothed out disturbed sod and tested sprinkler system to ensure completion.

French Drain Installation

Request: Our client needed a way to mitigate water pooling in the low area of her newly purchased property causing the adjacent walkway to flood, limiting access to the front door.

Project details: We installed a drainage box at the low lying area by removing the Hacienda stone wall, ran drainage pipe, and installed a Flo-Well storm water leaching system. Installed drainage rock throughout system to prevent debris buildup and assist in dissipating water. Rebuilt Hacienda wall upon completion and graded work area to provide consistent level for new plant installation by our client.


Sprinkler Zone Renovation

Request: Revamp existing irrigation system to ensure full coverage of entire front yard. Use low-flow nozzles where available to conserve water.

Project details: The existing pipe for the outdated system was too old and had to be replaced entirely. Ran new zone lines that were trenched and hand dug in, set new pipe,  installed sprinkler popups throughout front and side yards. We were able to use MP Rotator nozzles on the front yard and small spray nozzles on the side yard to help keep water usage low. At completion the areas requested have full head-to-head coverage.

Sprinkler Zone, Plant Design & Installation

Request: Design layout and install plant material in front yard. Install new irrigation.

Project details: Installed Magnolia tree and two Crape Myrtle trees down the side of the house. The Crape Myrtles will provide shade on the exposed wall during the summer and when they drop their leaves in the winter will provide warmth to the adjacent rooms. Installed white blooming Azaleas along front of home accented by Loropetalum to add color. Created salt and pepper rock walkway to access hose located on front of home. Completed plant installation with Cypress mulch.

Installed one irrigation zone including three electric valves, one timer, and low-flow sprinklers that will provide adequate water coverage to all plant material and existing sod.