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We offer an industry-standard one (1) year labor warranty which covers workmanship.

Manufacturer warranties differ by brand and are listed below.

Warranty Information
Updated January 2024

All care will be taken to minimize damages to existing landscape and hardscapes. Unless otherwise stated, proposal does not include sod repair, replenishing any mulch we have to dig through, or any other landscaped area(s) we may need to dig through. If during the course of work additional repairs are found to be needed that were not included in the original proposal, Owner will be notified and a separate proposal will be provided for those additional repairs.

The limit of liability for any irrigation or lighting service(s) and/or product(s), either not performed correctly or for defective parts, is not to exceed the cost of our services and parts. It is the Owner’s sole responsibility to notify us immediately if there is something malfunctioning so that we can correct the issue in a timely manner.

Exclusions of the warranty include damage caused by a third party, such as by landscaper or vehicle; damage caused by natural force such as lightning or hurricane or freeze; and damage caused by pets or other animals.

Our labor warranty is one (1) year. If beyond the initial year, Owner is responsible for paying our labor, though we will work with the manufacturer to get the part(s) credited. In any event the warranty is denied by the manufacturer, Owner is responsible for paying for parts and labor.

Irrigation Parts.
Irrigation Pumps carry a one (1) year limited warranty.

Warranties for Hunter parts may be found on their website here.
Warranties for Rainbird parts may be found on their website here.

Lighting Parts.
Digital timers carry a one (1) year warranty.
Warranties for Unique Lighting parts may be found on their website here.
Warranties for Brilliance LED parts may be found on their website here.
Warranties for Pro-Trade are as follows and cover workmanship and/or material defects: Brass fixtures: lifetime; Aluminum fixtures: Five (5) years; Transformers: lifetime; LED Bulbs: Five (5) years.

The following is carried over from our Terms and Conditions page.
The term “Contractor” as used herein shall mean Total Sprinkler & Lighting, LLC. The term “Owner” shall be singular or plural and shall include the heirs, personal representatives, and successor or assigns.

WARRANTY. Contractor agrees to substantially complete the work contracted for in a workmanlike manner and agrees to repair or replace items covered by the warranty provided the Owner has paid all amounts due the Contractor under the contract and furnishes the Contractor with written notice of the defect or malfunction within the warranty period.

This contract contains no completion date and no penalty or award clauses.

All other warranties are excluded whether expressed or implied by operation of law or otherwise, including all implied warranties if merchantability or fitness.

Contractor shall not be liable (directly or indirectly), under an circumstances for incidental or consequential damages arising or resulting from a breach of the contract or a warranty under the sale, construction, installation, handling or use of the goods sold.

Contractor liability hereunder and Owner's exclusive remedies hereunder either for breach of contract or warranty or for negligence are expressly limited to the giving of credit or replacement.

Contractor must be given written notice identifying the defect within 24 hours after the Owner has actual constructive or implied notice of defect or any such defect is waived.

Owner must also give the Contractor the opportunity to inspect the alleged defect. Failure to give required notice of defect within the time provided constitutes a waiver of the defect and of a claim for credit or replacement.

The Contractor's responsibility to give credit or replacement is further limited to the extent that Contractor is able to obtain equivalent credit or replacement from the original manufacturer of such goods or from the original subcontractor performing the work (if any).