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residential low-voltage landscape lighting installation
LED Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

With enough YouTube video support and time spent doing research, anything is possible. That said, a professional installation company will make the process so much easier and potentially provide a better product at conclusion.

Type of Fixtures Used
In the same way that leaders in the irrigation industry create residential product lines for distribution at big box stores, so too do lighting companies. These products are a more economical option for homeowners looking to do their own work, but the life of these fixtures is often not a match to the commercial grade products that contractors have access to. Will you spend a little more with a professional? Yes. Will your system last longer? Yes to that, too.

Wiring, Conduit, Outlets – Oh My!
Low-voltage landscape lighting does not require a permit or even a licensed electrician which makes it a great candidate for DIY projects. You do however need to know a bit about electrical work which can make or break the system. Not only are LED bulbs sensitive to fluctuations in the electrical current they receive, they also need power in a specific range to ensure they work properly, or at all. A professional lighting contractor will perform the necessary calculations to determine appropriate wire size, number of wire runs, and fixture count per run to ensure the system operates optimally. Without these considerations, even if the system does run, the life of it may be dramatically reduced if power to these components is not correctly measured.

residential low-voltage landscape lighting installation
LED Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

Design and Experience
You simply can’t beat years of experience. As lighting contractors, we run into a myriad of unique situations – every property and project requires something a little different. The importance of the design process is the difference between a fixture that illuminates a palm tree halfway up the trunk and one that gets light all the way to the top and out to the end of the fronds. Does it need a brighter bulb, a riser that matches the fixture, or both? Is the light blocked by other plant material and require a tree brace that places the fixture on the tree instead? These are the details an experienced designer will notice the moment they begin working on a project and it will save you endless trips to the hardware store.

Why should you hire a professional lighting company like Total Sprinkler and Lighting? Because we make the process so much simpler for our clients. No trips to the hardware store, hours comparing bulbs and designs, or worrying about wiring. We handle it all from start to finish, and even offer a range of maintenance plans so you can enjoy your outdoor lighting hassle-free for years to come.

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