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We’ve been doing the rain dance just like all of our Central Florida neighbors. Its a known fact that Florida has erratic weather that can wreak havoc on a manicured lawn that doesn’t have a well maintained irrigation sprinkler system. That’s why routine maintenance is such an important aspect for your outdoor area.

At Total Sprinkler and Lighting, we provide monthly system checks to make sure that any sprinkler repairs needed are addressed early. We’ve gone months with little to no rain and noticed plenty of front yards becoming dusty and dry because of it. Hand watering can only go so far. An irrigation system is intended to supplement natural rain so when the system isn’t running at its best, drought in the environment can stress lawns and plant material.

Call us today to schedule a thorough check of your sprinkler system. We’ll go top to bottom and present you with an estimate for any necessary repairs. In most cases we can even make those repairs while we’re on site. Looking for peace of mind this summer? We’re here to help.

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