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irrigated landscape Do you have friends and family members traveling to your neck of the woods to escape the blistery cold of theirs? Make sure your irrigation system is running the best it can with some simple tips from Total Sprinkler and Lighting:

  • Make sure your irrigation timer is adjusted for Daylight Savings Time. Mandatory watering restrictions require that from November to March you only water one day per week. Set the system to water before 10am or after 4pm, and keep zones running no more than one hour.
  • Check for needed repairs. After you’ve adjusted your timer, let the irrigation system run through a quick test cycle for each zone. Walk the zones and look for any areas that may be bubbling water or any sprinklers that may clogged. This is a good time to document any areas that aren’t getting proper coverage.
  • Rain sensors are required. If you run an automatic irrigation system in Florida you are required to have a rain sensor. Make sure your sensor is working. This will override the automatic cycle if your landscape has received enough water via rain. And that means savings for you.
  • Call TSL. We’re here to answer your questions and our technicians are always ready to make any necessary repairs to your system.

The holidays can quickly become jam-packed with odds and ends that have to get done. Taking a moment for maintenance of your sprinkler system can mean the difference between an inviting landscape and an uninviting dust bowl. If you find yourself running out of time, give us a call for an irrigation system check. We’ll have you back in shape before you can say “post-Thanksgiving nap.”

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