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All the rain lately has really taken the pressure off irrigation systems and allowed homeowners an opportunity to address some of the maintenance that goes with an automatic sprinkler setup. These systems take quite a lot, especially here in Central Florida, and over time even the best system wears down or becomes outdated. Homeowners typically revamp or rebuild a system for a few key reasons.

The piping that delivers water to the system is PVC which may become brittle as years pass. This typically leads to breaks in the lines which cause washouts and reduce pressure. Most of these pipes are a good ways under the ground and tree roots tend to be the biggest culprit for breaks in the system.

As water conserving technology advances, replacing outdated components could provide big savings throughout the system and allow it to run more efficiently. Low flow nozzles produce a beautiful spray pattern with reduced water output for maximized efficiency. Rain sensors gauge rainfall and tell a system to override watering cycles during heavy rain seasons (sound familiar?). Newly designed timers allow WiFi connectivity that often result in a better running system, reduced water usage overall, and provide sophisticated settings to meet any homeowner’s needs.

We recently revamped a system for a client in Winter Garden, Florida. This included running new piping for the zones, ensuring head-to-head coverage of the front and side yard, installing water-efficient nozzles, and reprogramming the timer to run the zones in sequence. See our work in the gallery below.

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