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uplighting on farmhouse roof peaks

Uplighting on farmhouse roof peaks

A common misconception about low-voltage landscape lighting is that it is used only on landscaping. We’re here to tell you that a well-rounded design goes far beyond statement trees and hedgelines. In fact, forgetting to highlight the face of your home or business leaves much to be desired. Here are our tips for executing a balanced lighting design.

Always Uplight Tall Features
Any building with columns or high walls, especially if those walls are textured with stone or brick, deserves attention. Highlighting these features lends height to the property making it appear grandiose. The intricacies of brick and stonework are one of the most beautifully illuminated textures you will find on any structure. We recommend starting with this surface and working your way out.

Got Peaks and Ridges?
A commonly missed opportunity in landscape lighting lies with the hard to reach places like peaks, rakes, and ridges. These architectural points of interest lend to the aesthetics of the property but are often overlooked and left in the dark. A simple and clever way to get light to these areas lie in an unlikely place – the gutter! Installing a mounting bracket that is hidden in the gutter allows the light fixture to stay put and keeps the wire out of sight.

Stretch It Out
By installing an uplight or wall washing fixture at either end of the building, you will instantly lend balance to the front exterior. For properties that don’t extend very far, this design addition will also create the illusion of a wider façade.

Don’t Forget Niches
Every property has its dark corners and installing landscape lighting is a perfect opportunity to get light to these areas. Niches and spaces where the wall is set back from the face of the building will need a fixture (or two) to keep the flow of light unbroken. Try uplights or wall washers to send light up or downlight fixtures if you have a roofline that overhangs. This design element does double duty by adding security to a naturally dark part of the structure.

Need help putting together your low-voltage landscape lighting design? We’re certified in FX Luminaire products, Unique, Kichler, and all other major product lines. Our design team has a genuine passion for building the lighting system you need that will provide curb appeal, safety, and aesthetics. Call Total Sprinkler & Lighting today.

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