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The golden age of technology is truly upon us. Did you know that you can now operate both your sprinkler and landscape lighting systems from your smart phone? With applications available for Android and iOS, these options take convenience to the next level.

Irrigation sprinkler systems with WiFi compatible timers can reduce water consumption and assist when certain problems present themselves in the system. Plenty of possibilities exist on the market today. These units provide a range of functions that include reading weather forecasts and notifying sensors to measure rainfall, sending alerts of schedule changes to zones, monitoring soil moisture, and making recommendations for watering schedules. These are helpful tools for the erratic weather we face during the summer months in Central Florida.

Looking for a solution to the switches that control your landscape lighting? WiFi is the answer. Much like other wireless features, this system runs off a hub with downloaded apps for all your lighting needs. Turn some lights off and leave other lights on, or dim outdoor lights from the comfort of your living room. Set up motion sensors to activate lights when you walk out onto your back deck, or click a button for pre-set mood lighting. Energy efficiency is a big plus in the WiFi lighting department and can result in saving on your electric bill.

If you’re interested in the next phase of WiFi, let us know and we’ll walk you through available products that fit your landscape.

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